Who We Are

Founded by a student in 2019, Provarex Cyber Security is a dedicated team who care about our information and cyber safety, based in Nigeria.

Provarex Cyber Security prides itself on championing information security and cybersafety. We offer our cybersecurity services to small and large Organizations, StartUps, Schools, and Individuals. We also involve in Volunteering, and Community outreach. Together, we help make all of our communities more safe.​

Our Team

The student who created Provarex did it as an avenue where he could just share what he had learnt in his cybersecurity classes. That side project has gained more traction from his course mates, industry experts, and visionary individuals who are passionate about cyber security. They came together to work on the mission by working to cultivate the next generation of cyber security experts, to educate people to stay safe online, and to offer first-class cyber security services.

This is what we look forward to!

We want to be measured by feelings, attitudes, welcoming culture, innovations and relationship.