What Are Cracked Software And Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

So you might be thinking “what on earth is cracked software”? Or maybe you already know what it is and you are like “yeah why should I read this”? Hold on a sec there is more to it than you probably already know. With that been said let’s dive into the business of the day.

What Exactly Is Cracked Software?

Let’s look at the word crack, there are tons of definitions of the word crack out there but I find this one very fascinating. Crack is a narrow opening between two parts of something which has split or been broken.

Software is a collection of codes, associated libraries and documentation, which can be used to solve computation tasks or problems. E.g. WhatsApp, Microsoft word, Browsers, etc. Everything on the computer (mobile phones, PCs) that can’t be touched is software. We will not spend too much time talking about what software is in this article because there the above definition should answer your question of what software is.

Cracked Software: based on our definition above we can say a cracked software is a software which has a narrow opening between its normal program code; this opening is usually inserted by crackers.

You may ask the question “why will anyone want to crack a software”? Well, some software is not free, so for them to use it without paying for it, they usually create an opening (crack) in the software that will allow them to use it without payment.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Cracked Software

Aside from the fact that it is a crime to crack and use cracked software without the consent of the owner, there are other dangers of using cracked software which is listed below.

  1. Malware: Come to think of it why will anyone on earth just wake up one day and decide to crack a software and give it to you for free?Note, Cracking software is not as easy is it seems, it may take hours, days, weeks and sometimes months for even the experienced crackers to crack a software. So the question here is why will anyone just spend months cracking a software just to give it to you for free? Out of the goodness of their heart maybe? Very funny, if I have a good heart why will I crack someone’s hard work in the first place? So it is not out of their good heart. If someone can crack software and give it out then the person wants something more than just cracking a software. Cracked software is a good source of malware so if you want your device to get infected by malware then use cracked software. Looking at the recent trend, Malware hit a lot of people in Nigeria as majority and all over the world. It is a Ransomeware which uses a cracked version of EndNote as its mode of infection. We will not talk more about this but if you want to read more about this ransomware, how to remove if when infected and how to prevent it, click this linkhttp://wordpress-445287-1472982.cloudwaysapps.com/ransomeware-hit-many-people-in-nigeria/ 
  1. Backdoors: If an individual can alter a software’s code which is supposed to be paid for and use it without paying, then he can insert a backdoor. A backdoor in software is a way of accessing the software apart from the one end-users use, it can be used by both legitimate bodies for update or patches and it can also be used by illegitimate bodies. A cracked software has a high chance of containing illegal backdoor which can be used by criminals to gain access to your system. This can compromise your privacy because, with the backdoor they can see whatever is in your device without you knowing it, they can even install additional software on your device and make it (the additional software installed) to be so stealth that you won’t even know about it. 
  2. Trading Your Device For The Price Of The Software: Downloading/Installing cracked software is like establishing an agreement with the crackers. Basically, the crackers are saying ok I will give you this software to use but you will also give me your device to us and you say yes by installing the software. After selling your device by installing the cracked software the crackers can then use your device for whatever purpose such as using it to perform other criminal activities (Zombies).

The question here is, is it worth it? Is the software worth giving out your device? Is it worth compromising your privacy? What if your personal details such as your credit card details are on the device? Are you willing to sacrifice everything for just software? Think about it, my friends.

If you want to stay safe, then always purchase software from a reliable source, however, the developer of this software usually have a free version which may be of help. Your safety is our concern. Help us make the world a better place by sharing this with as many people as possible to help fight against cybercrimes.

Don’t forget to always visit: http://wordpress-445287-1472982.cloudwaysapps.com/  for more tips on how to stay safe, and to also widen your computer skills

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