Hackers: An Exclusive Inside Look Into The Profession 1.

To hack is to gain access to a system (whether documents, servers or computer system). A computer hacker is any person who has and uses technical knowledge to solve problems including computer programmers.

Contrary to popular belief that hackers are bad computer people, hackers are those trained to solve computer problems. Security hackers are those trained to use their knowledge to facilitate bugs or exploits to break into systems. A ‘cracker’ is an unofficial term used to describe good security hackers.

Knowing Hackers and their Types.

There are different kind of hackers including White hats, Grey hats, the popular Black hats and more. Mind you that some overlap each other.

The 3 Main Hacker Types. From Right: White, Grey and Black “Hat”

White hats

White hats are also called white hackers. These are those that are trained on Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH). They work legally and within the boundaries of the law. They are those who are called by companies or go to companies to penetrate their security systems in order to get paid.

When a white hat team or person hacks a security system and breaks into it, he will be asked to fix the problem or leak. He/she will try to hack again until they are sure the system is not faulty for the time being. After some months or a year, they will call the team to come and do penetration testing (which is checking for loopholes in the security system). The money they get is not a small amount.

Grey hats

Grey hats are also called grey hackers. These are those that illegally hack a company but do not install malware or take anything from the system. They announce it through the hack to the company IT team to correct the flaws of the security system.

These set of hackers make sure the company is aware of the security breach and leave it up to the IT technicians to repair the breach. If the IT team did not do a good job, they (Grey Hats) will make sure they disturb the company to fix the issue by hacking again and again. Note that some grey hats are previous white hats.

Black hats

Black hats are also called black hackers. This is the majority of hackers around the world. They prey on people using malware, rootkits etc. They also attack companies and in some cases military databases and officers. Some hackers are in groups to promote speed and efficiency since their targets are from normal through companies to the military.

These guys do not fear or should I say they are confident of themselves because they can steal, cause havoc, destroy and do lot more criminal activities with their computer systems and servers. They are those guys that create ransom wares to get money from citizens of the world.

The second part of this series will be posted shortly. Stay tuned for more by Provarex.

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