Hackers: An Exclusive Inside Look Into The Profession 2.

Last time we briefly introduced the 3 (Three) main hacker types, today we will briefly talk about a few more.

Blue Hats

These are people (hackers) that are outside security firms who are used to security bugs and fixing these bugs before a product is made public or released. They look for exploits in order to be fixed before the software launch.

Script Kiddies

There are people called script kiddies. These are people who take an original hacking code and use it for their benefit. Script kiddies are more widespread than other hackers. Some people do not take them seriously because they just copy and use prewritten codes and applications. Just because script kiddies do not create their own codes does not mean they are not dangerous.

Elite Hackers

These are hackers that as the name implies elite or I should say the most skilled in this field of profession or crime. Newly discovered viruses, exploits, vulnerabilities etc. run around these circles example of a group of that belong to elite hackers is Masters of Deception.


These are “noobs” or newbies in the field of hacking (good or bad) and do not have much knowledge or any at all or do not have experience of working as a hacker or is not used to the world of hacking and its technologies.


A Hacktivist is a hacker who uses his/her skills and technology to make their political, ideological, religious or social views publically known. There are of two main types:

  1. Cyber terrorism: Their attacks involve Denial of Service attacks and more.
  2. Freedom of information: They can be in groups or just one person who wants the freedom of information in a place, state, nation or region.

Nation States

These include intelligence agencies and cyber warfare operatives of a country which every nation supposed to have or they already have.

Organized criminal gangs and Rogue National Agencies

Groups of hackers that carry out organized criminal hacking activities for-profit and national agencies using governmental knowledge, training, equipment, resources for profit gain respectively.

An Introductory Wrap-Up

There will be more content on these the various types of hackers later on and if you are one make sure you are a white hat. If you’re a normal citizen then there are ways to stop black hats from penetrating your devices and the articles are at the Provarex website.

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