How Facebook Account Are Being Hacked

Disclaimer: This is for educational purpose only, Provarex will not be responsible for whatever you do with this information. This means you are responsible for whatever you do with the knowledge you obtain here.

Some years back nobody cares if you are using Facebook not talk more of hacking your account. I know some of us are wondering, “why will they now want to hack my account?” “I don’t even have money, I am not a person of great influence, so what will do with my account?” Well, the reason is this. With the advancement of technology and cybercrime, your Facebook account can’t be used for many things such as fraudulent soliciting of funds from your friends, market their product which can be real or fake, sell your account details to people who are willing to buy, and lots more.

With all this been said let’s jump right in and hack some Facebook accounts.

NB: There are a different way of hacking Facebook account so today we will discuss the most popular ones.

 Password guessing 

Requirement: no technical skills needed.

Wait a minute how on earth can someone guess my password? Well, thank God we are not on earth. We are in space!!! but that’s not the point. The point is many people are still using passwords like names, phone numbers, date of birth, pet names, favourite food, 0000,1111, are other very easy to guess passwords. You can just guess until it works it is certainly not going to work on all account but it will definitely work on some.

Social engineering

Requirement: may or may not require technical skills.

It may take forever to guess someone’s password correctly and we know they said hackers are very patient, but comparing patient with efficient, I will say everyone will one to choose efficient in this matter.

Social engineering is a great hacking tool, it can be used to fuel your guessing activities. You are surprised, right? Yeah me too!!. So how on earth can we fuel password guessing with social engineering? It’s simple to follow the steps below:

  1. Add up the target as your Facebook friend.
  2. Start a conversation.
  3. Gain the target trust
  4. Use that trust to ask for questions that will lead the target to give you a hint on their passwords.

It’s not easy right? Well, hacking is not as easy as they say it is after all, but not as hard as they say it is also.

That’s not all you can do with social engineering, you can also do other things like creating a fake Facebook singing page and trick the user to input his login details. If the target inputs the details he may not log in but you have succeeded in getting their login details.

NB: This is not as simple as it sounds because you may need little technical skills.

You can also chat with the person ask them to click a link you create so that they can get something for free. FREEEEEE!! Everyone loves free stuff and that’s how you can get you to target to click the link.

Use spyware or keylogger. 

Requirement: You need physical access to the target device.

A keylogger is a software that has the ability to record all the keys which were typed on any device which it is installed on. It will then either forward the captured data or store it on the device and wait for the installer to come and collect it.

Spyware just like the name implies, it is a software that is capable of spying on a device which it is installed on, then either send the captured data to where it is configured to or store it on the device and wait for the installer to come and collect it.

There are a lot of keyloggers and spyware out there you can download and install for free. If you have the knowledge to create one you can also do that. You will need to install the software of the target device configure it, then wait for the owner to log into Facebook and boom you now have their password.

NB: if you can’t get access to the targets device you can convince them to login to Facebook using your device. With this option, you will need to install the required software on your device.

Use Facebook password extractor 

Requirement: you need yo have physical access to the target device.

This method is not that hard you can simply install the Facebook password extractor on the target device and install it. You can then install it on your device in other to receive the password whenever the target uses the compromised device to log in.

NB: this method has a high chance of failure because facebook password extractor is a big software, this means the target may notice that his space has been largely used and he may search for anything he did not install. 

Use browser password extractor.

Requirement: You need physical access to the target device.

Browser password extractor is a software design to extract passwords from browsers, this software is originally design for digital forensic purpose but you can take advantage of this functionality and extract passwords form your target device.

Most of this type of software does not need installation, and they usually occupy small space so you don need to worry about that. Also, you can just run this software once, extract the needed passwords and delete the software. Very simple right? Well, it is not as easy as it appears because of some constraint, which is the need for physical access to the target device. Another constraint is that the target most have saved the password on the browser if not there will be no password to extract.  If you can overcome this constraint then you are good to hack.