How To Easily Use A Password Manager

We are back with more on the password management series.
Today, we will look deeply into the password manager. Earlier this was discussed in an article but we will expand on password manager usage.

A password manager uses high-end encryption which is why it is trusted by many businesses. With strong encryption, it is almost impossible for someone to get your various passwords.

For this purpose, we will use my favourite password manager – Bitwarden. Bitwarden is quite a great password manager for personal, business and team use.


Opening an Account.

To open an account on a password manager, go to the website as shown below.

Click create account

Provide your email address (a functional one), name and master password. You should not have difficulty creating a master password as the guide has been provided here.

If you choose to, provide a password reminder (a cryptic one that only you can understand).

Note the password strength regulator. Check and fill other boxes which include a captcha box. Click submit when you are sure of what you filled.

Now go back to the login page, fill in the details and log in.

The first thing you need to do is verify your email. You click the send email box.

For this tutorial, Provarex uses Gmail. Verify your email address by clicking the button there.

Using the Password Manager

After verifying your email, log into your account to start using the manager.

You can add an account by clicking add item, either on the interface (only for first accounts/items) or above the interface.

A pop-up menu will appear for you to add your item.
Note that the item can be login information, card information (like bank cards), identity information (social security information, id information) or just some notes you want to secure.

Choose the item type, input the name of the account, the username, the password and the account website. Save it and there you have your first item. Also, note that you can click “5” to generate a password.

To modify how it generates a password/passphrase, click tools and password generator after that.

You can modify the password mode/type to your taste.

You can also import your former passwords from previously exported files of your previous password manager (if you were using any before).
The joy of password managers is that they can be used by a team and are available in most operating systems (Apple, Windows, Android and iPhone).

Thank you for your time, till next time!

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