How to stay safe online



It is no longer surprising that everyday hackers are taking advantage of people and other vulnerabilities, thereby exploiting people’s privacy and resources for their selfish gain.

Today we are out to help people with the knowledge on how to protect yourselves while browsing using already available resources, which are BROWSER PLUGINS


You don’t necessarily need to be a tech-savvy (computer guru) in other to follow these steps we are going to mention.
I am sure some of you are asking yourselves what on earth is a browser plugin?

A plugin is a piece of small software that can customize browsing experience, either by adding or subtracting features to the browsing experience of the user. Essentially what plugin does is to help the browser get additional functionality which was not designed to do so.

Plugins are built with web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

NB: Plugins, Add-ons, and Extensions all mean the same thing, therefore we may use any of these words.

There are different plugins out there for different purposes, but our focus will be on browser security plugins. Some browser security plugins are used to check for tracking elements in the websites, some are for blocking ads, others are for checking if the site use HTTPS some are for password management, some are for anonymity which includes VPN and PROXY plugins, while others combine two or more of this functionality.

Every plugin is for a particular task therefore the plugin that you will use depends on your need.

Do not expect HTTPS plugin to block ads from a website for you except if it is explicitly stated that it has these functionalities.


We’ll be explaining how to install and configure a browser plug-in every week. So stay tuned and learn how to stay safe. 


There is no single way of staying totally secured, but you can limit your chances of getting hacked by using software and more importantly be careful with the kind of websites you visit, the link you click, the software you download and use. Self discipline is the best security measure. Do not forget also that security is not all about the software you install or buy but it’s an everyday thing.

 This is where we stop this week. If you have any questions, contributions, suggestions, or corrections, do not hesitate to write it in the comment section, and don’t forget to share so we can win this war.


Stay secure and we’ll see you next week as we start to explore available plugins, how to install and configure them.

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