Intro – Information Security Tips and Gist — hosted by Alabi Abdulhafeez

This podcast is a place where you can get to know ways all these online and offline malicious things happen and how to prevent yourself, organization or business from such acts, you will get tips, guides, and best practices. Ok! That’s not all, we have some category of people that are overlooked and they also suffer cyberattacks or mostly social engineering that’s our market women and men, traders or business people generally. So these quick tips are also for them to know some ways they can be protected. Our talk show will comprise of several engaging activities from quick tips, to pro talks and student gist. Trust us, we love engagement as much as you love it, that let us open the window to allow our audience to engage with us via audio message and social media and we will reference their chats on our next talk show. We will be glad to also invite you to our studio or have a phone chat with you anywhere you are so you can share what some of your cyber attack experience. This expands our threat intelligence. 

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