Keep children safe online

Today’s children know how to use their mobile or tablet before they learn a small multiplication table. They often see the Internet as a toy and do not know that they may be in danger. Provarex has prepared a project to teach children how to be safe on the network

What is our project about?

About internet security. Provarex experts organize workshops directly at schools.

Which topics do we deal with?

Internet and privacy

Accounts and passwords


Communication on the Internet


Defense against hackers

Protection against misuse of photos, videos and messages

What the participants
say at the workshop

Read how the children of the schools we have visited perceive the workshop

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Register your school

Provarex visits few schools in a selected state within the country every month. Application is open. Any of your teachers can apply for your school.

Photos from workshops

See photos and videos from the workshops that have already taken place on Facebook